Why Haiti?

Haiti, located in the Caribbean, is one of the least developed countries in the world and is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Two-thirds of all Haitians depend on small-scale subsistence farming, with 80% of the population living below the poverty line.  The average Haitian makes about $2.25 per day.

This tropical and mountainous country lies in the hurricane belt and suffers repeated damage to buildings, roads, bridges and devastation of crops.  This results in chronic shortages and high prices for basic food, fuel and all of the necessities of life.  This lack of adequate infrastructure of roads, communications and electrical power has virtually eliminated foreign investment and tourism in Haiti.  A lack of clean water and sanitary sewers causes thousands to die each year because of disease and HIV/AIDS is widespread.  The average life expectancy of a Haitian is fifty-seven years and the median age is 18 years.  Haiti is a densely populated island with an average of 650 people per square mile; this heavy footprint has deforested most of the countryside with resulting loss of topsoil, flooding and mudslides.

The citizens of Haiti are predominantly the descendants of slaves and their African and French roots greatly influence the culture.  The inhabitants speak French Creole and Voodoo is practiced by about half of the population.  The remainder predominately profess the Roman Catholic faith.  Haiti is in great need of Jesus Christ!

Haiti Bible Mission

Based in Jeremie, Haiti (120 miles west of Port-au-Prince), our ministry encompasses; leadership development, church planting, educational support, widow and orphan care as well as a constant pursuance of justice for the oppressed and the overlooked.  Our approach is highly relational and focuses on the most isolated and poverty-stricken parts of western Haiti.

Haiti Bible Mission is passionate about bringing teams down that not only work alongside our staff but also train and empower them in skills so they can continue impacting Haiti after the teams leave.  Indigenous leaders are the ones that will create lasting change in the country not the americans.  Haiti is changing through these next generation leaders and we are so glad to be apart of working along side these amazing people.

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