Why Guatemala

This rugged mountainous area is the heart of ancient Mayan society.  It lies south of Mexico's Yucatan peninsula in Central America.  Santa Cruz is the capital of the Quiche' province at an altitude of 6,600 feet with a temperate "eternal spring" climate.  It is located 30 minutes north west of Chichicastenango.  Beautiful Lake Atitlan, surrounded by volcanic peaks is nearby.

The influence of Mayan culture remains strong in this area, with brightly colored traditional fabrics and other handicrafts much in evidence.  While the official language of Guatemala is Spanish, more than 20 Mayan Indian dialects are spoken as well.  The open air market at Chichicastenango is a vibrant shopping experience.  

Those living in the Quiche' province suffered greatly during the 36 year civil war that ended in 1996.  The Mayan's have emerged from a troubled past as a quiet and dignified people, struggling daily under the burden of poverty.

La Generación School

Back in 2004, NBRI members visited San Pedro Jocopilas, Guatemala in search of ministry opportunities. There they met Pastor Eliseo Gonzales who pastors at La Iglesia "Torre Fuerte". He had a desire and vision to reach the next generation of Guatemalans with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He wanted to start a school to provide a Christ-centered, quality education that would allow him and his staff to bring children of his community to faith in Jesus Christ. In 2010, "Colegio Evangelico La Generacion", opened its doors and has grown from 17 students to 118 students.

Sponsorship Program

Our goal is to make this child sponsorship experience one that is memorable and continuous. We don't see it as a way for someone to simply donate money month after month with no real investment in his or her child's life, rather, we see it as a way for both to sponsor and the child to feel connected and special. 

What you give:

  • An education
  • Uniforms
  • School Supplies
  • General Health Care
  • Dental Care
  • Life-skills training
  • Christian guidance 
  • Discipleship. 

What you receive:

  • Personal Story
  • A child sponsorship packet by mail in approximately 14 days. 
  • Opportunity to meet your child
  • The privilege of giving a child a different future. 

What happens:

When children find out they've been sponsored the joy they feel is  indescribable. Just knowing that someone  cares means more than you can imagine. Sponsoring a child in need will profoundly change the future of your child and will change your own life as well. 

Answering the Call to the Great Commission

Short Term

Project Teams

  • Building a bed for a students family. 
  • A medical team to check all students and staff. 
  • Construction team helping out the community.
  • Building and repairing the school. 

VBS Teams

Come during the Summer or from November - December and do a VBS with the children during their 2 month break.


Are you a teacher, counselor or have educational experience? Then come and join our training team during January  and equip our school faculty. 

Long Term

Teaching English

1 Year - Longer 

Recent University Graduate come and serve with us for a year and teach English to our students. You will be able to work with our school, community, church and or any other area of interest.


1 Year - Longer

Make and build disciples by training them in the Word of God. Build long term relationship with our community.

Student Sponsorship Coordinator

1 Year - Longer

Manage and run our student sponsorship program and other student activities.